A military moving story and saying goodbye

May 10, 2016  •  1 Comment
Every military family knows that a "long stretch" of 4 years is considered good at your duty station at the time, we consider ourselves blessed if we get to stay that long. We all know it's the nature of the beast, our beloved USMC keeps us light of foot and always on our toes and we embrace it in all it's glorious chaos and wonder. We have been in Richlands NC for about 6 years and we have grown to love living on the outskirts of the county. My husband and I like to call ourselves country folk even though we live in a small burb in a cul des sac with 3 kids, 3 dogs, and 10 chickens, country enough for now right? A PA boy and a KS girl getting our toes wet again in the "country" lifestyle after living in SoCal where we dabbled in city life as we both spent our time serving at Camp Pendleton. Our wish is to eventually retire in the country with a bit of land where we can grow a large garden, have a few animals to boot, and just enjoy watching the sunset over the scrolling land on our front wrap around porch with our children. Goals I tell ya!
We have loved our current house well and it has loved us back, hard to think that in just about 30 days we will close the front door on an empty house and say thanks for holding our memories. The house where we had so many therapists in and out of the home to help my wee one combat her autism and prevail. The house where my middle child found her best friend next door and spent many a' giggling days with her holding hands and skipping through the yard. The house where my oldest graduated a military style academy and left to another state as a man to begin his adult life. Where we had the thrill of bringing tiny critter pets home on their first day they lived their happy little life and we buried them with care in the soil beneath the pines just beyond our fence. We have spent days here building snowmen on a Winter day, listening to the wind whisper through the pines on a Spring day birds chirping in the distance, spent lazy mid Summer days watching the children play in their refreshing pool as the temps reached record highs. The house where my husband has came and gone so many times following his call of duty where we cried sad tears when he departed and happy ones upon his return. The house where my husband grabs me by the hand and dances with me in the kitchen or living area long after the children have went to sleep, we dance to the music in our heads or to the rhythm of our two hearts beating. So much love in this tiny house that we have overgrown by leaps and bounds. We are by no means perfect we face our trials and tribulations just as much if not at sometimes feeling more than others. It is my small hope that whomever lives here next feels the vibrations left behind of our loved shared here and they enjoy it just as much as we have. Onto our next adventure in Fredricksburg VA near the Quantico VA base where we will make new memories in our much larger house. Thanks Richlands, Jacksonville, and Camp Lejeune for being our home away from home if even for a brief time. Thank you to my loyal clients that helped my business thrive, and to my friends that have become so much like sisters to me. It's been a good run, it's not goodbye it's a see you later.
Below you will find a small glimpse into our ever private personal life. Lifestyle session done by the sweet Amanda Schmidt of http://www.amandalynnphotog.com/ thank you for spending a day with us and documenting our love for one another. I will cherish these images forever and have printed large wall art that hangs in all of our living spaces. 
Shirts that my daughters are wearing customized by Amy Thornburg of https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryBabyCouture/
Until next time friends, please wish us well on our journey! XO ~ Amy Jo


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BEST wishes to YOU as you pack up your family and home. Best wishes to you all on your journey to your new "home"!
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