Urban chic family session in downtown Wilmington NC

March 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello friends!
​It's been a rough go of it here lately at TPUP, a lot of commotion over the last month personal and business wise. I'm gearing back up in the saddle again and slowly but surely the rubber is meeting the road again. I captured some fun urban family images for Michelle B's fam before I went on hiatus. As I was editing these I kept finding myself saying "oh man she is so adorable" as I looked at each and every singly image of little A! I mean if she isn't in a little model status I don't know who is. I'm so glad Michelle asked me to come to her neck of the woods in Wilmington and to brave downtown with her. I'm slowly falling in love with brick buildings, alleyways, boardwalks, and all the city sounds. Especially after my little stay in Charleston for The Rising Tide Society's - Tuesday's Together leaders retreat. After all who knows when we will have to pick up our roots and head back to the city, the USMC is so unpredictable.

​Michelle and I got along just great, she was a Marine like myself and she's into health and fitness big time. She is definitely someone that I look up to, thanks for encouraging others to love their bodies and love themselves, you rock! And I mean you look like an urban chic rockstar mom, you rocked that lilac hair and you make me want to be bold and fierce! Look at little "A" taking time out to play rock, paper, scissors with "Dude." That's what A calls him, "dude", if that doesn't make your heart melt I don'e know what will! I totally felt the love in this little family and I hope I get to see y'all again. Maybe next time we will skip me having pneumonia though, that was no joke! Lol. Enjoy this little urban family sunset session, I sure did. Chat again soon. XO Amy Jo



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