Schmitz Jacksonville NC birth story, welcome baby Ally

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Births are so raw, real, and full of emotion, it is most definitely a life changing event every time I am witness to one. A new life starting off fresh into this world. Just within a matter of hours a family can go through almost every emotion known to man. I usually show up to the hospital at about 5cm dilated for mom and contractions are generally mild and if the couple feels like chatting a tad we do, if not I'm quiet as a mouse. I do a quick treat drop off at the nurses station and give mom her little push present that I have gathered for her from me. Usually dad is my go to for getting updates upon check in, as labor progresses, and I take a small break in between 5-10 cm's. When it's time to push dad gives me the update so I can enter back into the room around this time. However this birth was a tad different, a Doula was present along with mom and dad and it was a first for me I did not know exactly what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised at how we all shared this space and worked together so well.

The S family's birth was about 3 days long, yes 3 days! Mrs S wanted to have an all natural birth from start to finish and she hired a doula from a new local doula agency to ensure her birth went according to her original birthing plan. Angie from The Jacksonville Doulas at // made the entire birthing process that much smoother for everyone involved. After delivery even the Onslow staff stated they had their reservations about having a doula present but they were so surprised and pleased with how the birthing process flowed. Angie the doula was there as an extra pair of hands to help give prenatal massage, to comforting and encouraging pep talks in times of self doubt during labor. She also took the weight off of dads shoulders of giving me all the updates so that dad could full heartedly invest in his wife's comfort and needs.

 When I first arrived Mrs S was in a deep hypno birth, there was a sign placed on the door stating "Hypno birth in process." I walked in and immediately heard a soothing voice with serene background music playing full of self affirmation about moms body during the birthing process. I noticed the clock was covered with a picture of a blooming rose so as not to focus on the hours during birth. After all on day 3 of a birth comfort was what was much needed at this point.

It truly was an experience for me as I shared my time at the hospital during the "S's" birthing process with Angie the doula. I don't think that I have enough words to express my total gratification towards her. She was an extra set of hands, a true comfort to be around, and she kept me updated with every centimeter. She, along with mom were phenomenal. Women, when we ban together we all bring our own strengths to a situation. Mrs S you showed me what can be accomplished when you stick to your goals about wanting a natural birth. Thank you for letting me document your birth story and showing me what real strength looks like! Little baby A is the prettiest little girl, your family has a special little place in my heart.

Enjoy their birth story, until next time. XO Amy Jo



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