Nicole's equestrian session with horses Callie and Matt.

January 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of my good friends owns a horse and leases another at an equine club in Richlands, NC. She wanted a photo shoot to remember for all times with her 2 horses and I was more than happy to be a part of it! We started talking about location first, then we decided on wardrobe and accessories, then we got our hair and makeup in line and we were ready to create a one of a kind glam/barn horse session! I love whimsy but I also love glam, and well you all know I love the country as well, nobody could ever convince me that I can't combine the three! When we showed up at the stables with Nicole in a fur coat and an evening gown we got a lot of questions lol. It all went off without a hitch though! I partnered with my friend Ryan Shedrick of for HMUA work, and she shot along side of me as well. You rarely ever see one of us without the other, that's how we roll, our own little glam squad lol. Matt is a Percheron and he was HUGE, I was a bit frightened when we hoisted Nicole up atop him but she was not scared one teeny bit, good on ya Nicole. Y'all should see a pull back of me holding his lead with a terrified face, not pretty lol. I do love animals, just about any type of animal but I'm not fond of being squished lol.

​Stylized sessions are my ultimate favorite portraits to shoot. If you are interested in creating one of a kind heirloom art pieces contact me today and we will plan the entire shebang. After all what is more fun than a one on one personal stylist, makes it that much easier for you! If you love what you see leave me a blog comment or head over to my FB page. Thanks again for reading, until next time, XO ~ Amy Jo





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