A one year baby month planner turns 9 months, baby "M". My "Watch me grow, " 1 year baby package.

September 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

  I'm fairly certain that y'all know I love photographing children. This little girl here came to me for her newborn images and then mom promptly booked my 1 year "Watch me grow" package and I have watched her spring up from a teeny tiny peanut to this little laughing ham that you see right here. I have such a hard time blogging my sessions, I only get to blog when I get a break in my schedule, let alone trying to choose which ones to set to the side TO blog. However this wee one here steals my heart every time, as almost my entire client’s children do, well alright you got me, literally all of them fill my heart. But the sunset this night was amazing, she was in such a happy mood and I just had to put this one on my "to do" blog list. Here she is at all of 9 months; I can't believe her 1 year session is already upon us... I may cry. I love watching them grow but hate watching them leave, it seems as though all of my clients tend to rotate right after 1 year sessions, and God bless the military. I hope you all know wherever you go you take a little piece of me with you. Don't forget to send me Christmas cards every year people so I can watch those babies grow up into fine human beings and I can say "I remember them when..."

Little Miss "M", I'll see you soon for your 1 year portraits, I'll probably give you more than enough unnecessary snuggles that day. Sniffle. Enjoy! AJ




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