My pony and me, Native American childrens portrait session, whimsical.

August 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

Some of you may remember my unicorn session from a while back ago, I really should blog that adorable session. I have followed it up with this little "my pony and me session." This is my youngest little "M", she has so patiently awaited her pony session and I'm sure that you can see just how excited she really was! My sweet little M was diagnosed with autism at 18 months but you would never know it now due to her countless hours of therapy here within our home with specialist's. She used to absolutely hate the camera and rarely made eye contact, amongst other quirks that I so dearly loved about her at the time. Everyday she is healing and is just as much of a ham in front of the camera as most children. She is my gift from God and I would not change one thing about her, she is amazingly beautiful and talented. I believe that one reason children are so great at my sessions is because I play with them! I have the most fun little setups for them along with props and I just try my best to get them to relax so that we can interact on a level that keeps them comfortable, and happy, always happy.

I have Choctaw in my lineage on my mom's side and more Native American heritage from my father's side. My little M resembles me so much at her age and I think she looks just as adorable as can be in her little get up, don't you? My mother was here visiting last week and she and I had the most fun time creating her one of a kind hand made dream catcher that you see in this session. It now hangs in my room and will be an everlasting memory for all of us. The tent was handmade by my friend "A" at she always helps to bring my visions to life. I refer a lot of my clients to her for outfits that are specially customized for their sessions so that their theme flows over fluidly through every detail. "A" and I work side by side for most of my sessions and I can assure you she is marvelous at all that she does, thank you "A."


Let's marvel at this little beauty now shall we? Contact me for your customized themed session today!















Have a magical day friends :) XO Amy Jo



Oh my goodness! That outfit. <3
Perfect session! Love you! :)
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