A birth story, Onslow Memorial Hospital, the VE's and baby K.

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These last few weeks have taken me from photographing the close of one family's book of life to the beginning of another client's new chapter in their book of life. I cherish the vast proportions that my profession takes me in because to me capturing these milestones whether they are for closure or for celebrating they are just as important as the other. I take a little bit away from each session and let it form in my heart to help me on my journey in life and it makes me a better person. A person full of experience, knowledge, compassion, love, and to let my artistic soul soar to new heights. Thank you for choosing me friends; it is I that should thank each and every one of you. Now on to the VE family.

The VE family hired me and bundled their maternity, birth, and newborn sessions. Bundling is a great way to receive a discount if you would like to book more than one session at a time. I met "J" (the mama to be) and instantly knew that she was a compassionate person and I was more than obliged to work with her and oh so happy that she chose me. J is a yoga and music instructor to children that tend to learn and look at the world differently. This touched my heart because my youngest is on the spectrum and I cannot say enough about each and every therapist that has passed through our doors on our quest for our daughter. If you just listen to J speak it soothes you, she is very soft spoken, calm, and you can tell she was put on this earth to heal. She was such a magnificent pillar of strength through her birth that I was floored with how much ease and the fluidity of her birth story. Not a peep, not a complaint, she made birthing look easy, and we all know that it isn't always a walk in the park! J's mom was there by her side through the birth as well, watching their bond was magnificent as well.

Her husband "R" was by her side through it all, I could tell at times he was worried and hey that's typical men, bravo for being there to support your partners through it all! He held her hand through the contractions, her legs when she was pushing, and watched the miracle of birth unfold before them. When it was his turn to hold his son he smiled, I choked up and welled up behind the camera... that's a first, and I get to witness it, there is not a better feeling in the world. He said to me when they took him to the NICU "Did you see the way he looked at me? He looked RIGHT AT ME!" My heart melted, and you know what for one split second baby "K" looked right at me too. I think he just may be sent to this world to be a healer like his mama, because he touched my hart instantly the second I saw him. And he proved he's strong and a fighter just like his daddy later on that evening.

Baby K gave us a tiny scare and he was taken to the NICU for observation but not for long. I couldn't stop worrying about him when I got home and I was glad for the update I later received about him. Thank you VE's for choosing me, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your birth story.

XO ~ Amy Jo







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