The Eclectic Nest and my friend Justine, a furniture love story.

May 20, 2015  •  2 Comments

Meet my beloved friend Justine! Oh man I could probably write a short book about her as she has become one of my treasured friends here in NC. I suppose I met her a bit over a year ago, it could be close to 2 years but man these years are flying by fast all of a sudden. It's like.. don't blink in your mid 30's because these days are numbered, short and sweet. Justine and I first fell into our friendship because we both have a love for antiques and almost all things vintage. I think we kind of balance each other out in our friendship Justine can be very quiet, ladylike, and reserved. Whereas well.. I'm frantic, semi loud, and well scattered. We are both creative but take different approaches to our outlet and I think that helps us both to think outside the box more often when we chit chat or around one another. Ok, enough said, you get the hints we are friends till the end :P

My poor friends get put on the backburner sometimes amidst the long hours of editing between client sessions and the lovely chaos of which is my life. I say lovely because be it nuts sometimes I wouldn't change it for the world. So I have had these in my que and on my to do list for a bit, thank you for being patient with me friend and enjoy your new updated headshots to use as you will for marketing or to just show off your fabulosity! I also wanted to showcase one of my newly favorite items in my home which is my "new" antique buffet that Justine finished for me it now sits up in my studio and houses all of my newborn items. I'm not entirely certain of the age of this buffet and she and I have both forgotten since which company originally made this buffet I know it's stamped somewhere on it as most pieces have that on the back. It had a few small flaws but Justine patched those right up for me. That is the thing about antique pieces they won't be perfect by any means. They have age, wear, scratches, dings, sometimes it's been loved so much the hinges need readjusted or the drawer pulls need tweaking, even the joints may need a little glue here and there but Justine brings it right back to life and makes it a fully functional piece.

For this particular items she started by cleaning it first with windex, this takes the sheen out of the wood and helps the chalk paint to become more absorbent when applied as the wood is porous. Sometimes these items need to be sanded down first but it really depends on the state of the item and sometimes personal preference of the client or Justine. She has been known to tell me that she prefers the knicks and dings in the top part of the wood and would rather not sand out the character of it.  She then applied a few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in the colors of French Linen (grey) and vintage white (the cream.) Once these few coats are dry she then will distress it per your preference or hers if you gave her free reign a heavy distressed piece or just lightly around the edges. Once the distressing is done she will apply a clear wax to seal your piece to help it last against UV and any type of stress that may be caused to the piece, so in my case children lol. All in all the process generally takes her a total of 6 hours' ish. I have taken a few product pictures for reference and I am sure you will fall in love her personality and pieces as it is incredibly difficult not to! She has wonderful customer service, and pours herself into each item and it is very clear to tell. I would trust her with my most precious piece in my home even if it was a family heirloom. So go stop by her FB page today and show her some love at the Eclectic Nest found here: formerly known as Connor's Creations.







I have this little shabby drawer I found in one of my favorite shops atop of my buffet and I have 2 little arrows that she hand made and gave to me as a gift. She even hand dip dyed the tips of the feathers in gold and although they are an accent piece they deserved their own little picture. Anybody that knows me knows I love knick knacks of all kinds and display every single one of them in my home!


Thanks Justine your forever client and friend :) XO Amy Jo


2.Constance Heinz(non-registered)
I loved your blog. As her mother it does my heart good knowing she is viewed by others as I view her myself. THANK YOU!

The photos are wonderful.
1.Kristyn Jackson(non-registered)
Aw, this article makes me smile. I met Justine while I was living in NC, the same way as you! Through our love of antiques & vintage! He he

She really is such a great person, with a heart of gold! Hard to come by these days. :)

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