A military birth story, Onslow county NC hospital

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Well here I am writing this fresh after Mother's day, as I was putting this blog post together I couldn't help but get all teary eyed. When photographing a birth it is so mentally and physically exhausting for numerous reasons. I feel as though I am going through such a roller coaster ride along with the soon to be mama and the family I am spending my time with. After all I have been on this journey with them even if for a short while, I have heard portions of their future dreams, their past tribulations, and their journey up until this moment. That moment when a little life takes it's first breath outside of the womb I mean wow you are literally experiencing one of the most pinnacle moments of several lives in this small room, if that doesn't send your mind and body into a whirlwind I really don't know what will, simply mind blowing.

I also can't help but find my mind drifting during the moments of silence while I'm hanging back quietly in a corner in the hospital room, I begin to recall the birth of all three of my children it's like a trip down memory lane every time. A flood of memories wash over me and you can't help but feel that bond with these wonderful people you are in the room with. I look over at laboring mom and I silently think to myself, hang in there toots it's the ride of your life and the end point is worth every single second of strain that you are experiencing right now, and inside I am smiling at her and I am so proud of her strength and tenacity. After all is said and done when I walked out of the hospital on this day my legs were a tad wobbly from the jolt of adrenaline dumps I felt during "go time" and as I was riding the elevator down I think to myself and quietly send a little word up to above and say "thank you God for letting me experience the miracle of birth, having these parents trust me enough to be in the room to capture these once in a lifetime moments for them. Thank you for blessing this world with another innocent little life, and thank you for my children I will never ever forget just how blessed I am." And then as I exit I wipe the happy tears from my eyes and move forth with great purpose.

If you have made it this far in this blog post here is a bit about Mr. and Mrs. A, after all this is THEIR birth story.

The "A" family family bundled a maternity, birth, and newborn session/s with me (you can see their maternity story/blog post directly before this one) and I did not want to fail to deliver anything but the best from every session. Poor Mrs. A went all the way to 41 weeks before they had to induce her, she walked in for a check up that morning with her husband and they said "Guess what? It's baby time!" and straight to labor and delivery they went. She gave me a jingle and I was all packed up and ready to go as I had been anticipating this moment for about the last 6 weeks! I stayed with the A family for about 7'ish hours and it was worth every minute. Mr. A was granted leave to come home from a "mission" in the USMC strictly for paternity leave, he was so very lucky to be there for the birth and we all knew it, it was a phenomenal moment the entire room was filled with love, tears and bated breath. From a hope and a wish, to fertility treatments, to let downs, and triumph follow along in their birth story told below in real time images.

I walked in and Mrs. A was speaking on the phone with her mom, whom Mrs. A stated was an integral part in their treatments, mom was her rock in so many ways and both parents wanted to share a bit of time with her in the hospital room. They skyped mom (soon to be grandma) while daddy youtubed how to make a newborn hospital bonnet out of those complimentary hats they give you when the baby is born. I mean come on! Can I get a round of applause for dad here?! He made this adorable bonnet that he just had to show his mother in law over Skype. He rubbed his wife's feet, he put her hair in a pony tail, helped her apply her chap stick,stroked her back through her labor pains, he kissed away his wife's tears and used tissues to dab her eyes, and after the birth he gazed at his wife and said "he was so happy" and that his wife had did an outstanding job and his daughter along with his wife were absolutely beautiful. I'm tearing up now just as I write this, how could you not?

Here's to you "A" family, once again thank you for choosing me to share these moments with and capture them for you. I have no doubt in my mind that your family will be blessed many times over throughout life, because your already are. Baby "E" you could not have been born into a more wonderful family, your parents are extraordinary:) XO-Amy Jo




























The "A" family, and now let me take a selfie on the way out the door. Your welcome for that little giggle after I'm sure you needed your tissues for this!



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