Valentine' day is for lovers session.

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I don't even know where to begin with this love story.. The "T's" celebrate Valentine's Day on the 9th because that is when their true love story began. The universe seems to keep having amazing or monumental things manifest with this family around this date throughout the years. Kismet you say? I believe so! When she contacted me and told me her story I was immediately touched, and I just knew we would have to make it a Valentine's day theme. We booked for the 8th so that she could preview her images on the 9th, their very special day. I actually got to be a part of that special day, they chose me to document it and I am so grateful, thank you for touching me with your love story and letting me capture it!

Rewind, Mr. "T" was a FedEx driver and he was seriously injured, almost killed by another driver that drove through a red light, thus hitting Mr. T's FedEx truck. He was ejected from the truck and sustained serious life threatening injuries, he had to be airlifted in order for his injuries to be cared for. He was in a coma for some time and of course his wife couldn't help but feel as though time with her husband that she so cherished was slipping through her fingers. You see they were just trying to have a baby right before his life threatening accident.. can you imagine? All of a sudden your unborn children, and your husband that you dreamed of growing old with may not be able to make it to tomorrow..

Thankfully he pulled through, nothing short of a miracle, a long road of therapy was before them but you know what? Just a short time later they had that baby they had been dreaming about. God never ceases to amaze me, true love stories can and do exist, and love can certainly withstand the test of time and any curveball that may be thrown your way. Enjoy this preview of the T family.

XO Amy Jo

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A big shout out to my friend Melissa Sue that assisted me on this session, carrying an over 100 year old door out into the middle of the field is not as easy as one may think! You can visit her photography on FB at Backyard Photography.

Another shout out to my extremely kind and giving friend Justine, you can find her at The Eclectic Nest on FB. She runs a small business that caters to people like me that see the value in antique/vintage items. She also repurposes furniture and I will be blogging about a drop dead gorgeous buffet that she just milk painted for me for my studio. Justine let me rent the table and two chairs from her for this session, and the table sold right out of my garage, someone loved it just as much as I did! She also made that cute arrow in the above images.

Are you a vendor that would love me to feature one of your items? Please contact me as I would be more than happy to!


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