Little Miss "L" turns 5 in her mama's wedding dress.

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Happy 5th birthday little miss "L." I have been photographing her for her birthday's for a few years and I never get tired of seeing her pretty little face. She reminds me a bit of my blue eyed, blonde haired just turned 7 year old, so I'm partial. Miss L is very endearing and has a sensitive little soul, she's always very aware of where her mommy is during her session. And as you can tell she loves posing for the camera. I would talk to her throughout her session and she would giggle just a bit and then strike a little pose, it's like she knew exactly how she wanted her little session to be and Miss Amy Jo was not going to throw her off of her game, lol. I have a feeling she may have a little modeling career in her future.

Mom contacted me and we ran through a few ideas for her little session you know like mermaids (she had a mermaid party), rainbows, ponies, the usual fun stuff. Neither of us could really settle on anything specific as we knew it would be a cool day that day.. Mom said "you know I really want a picture of her in natural dress just turning 5, and one of her in my wedding dress." That was it, session made, "bring that dress!" I exclaimed. And there we were, just enjoying being in an open field on a cool day with the most beautiful 5 year old embellished in mom's wedding dress. I think we were all a bit giddy, there was definitely sentiment within this session.

My husband and I are simple folk we married in a courthouse, nobody else there but us. We really wanted it that way as we are mainly private and "non hub-bub" type of people. However standing there looking at Miss L and her mom made my heart ache just a tad that I would never have a wedding dress for my little girls to wear, sniffle.. but hey we have an awesome polaroid of me with my eyes closed to show them once they are older of when we were married, with my eyes shut and everything!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a momentous occasion, the day that miss L's mom and her daddy joined together to spend the rest of their lives with one another, and soon grow a little family of their own. And now miss L can have this portrait passed down to her on her own wedding day just in case her mom's dress doesn't make it to that day. Yeah, this session should make all moms run and grab that dress and take your little girls out to get this done, so call me! I may or may not cry a tad at these sessions but I'll more than likely blame it on a bug flying in my eye :)

On another note - digital images are becoming a thing of the past! Stay tuned for my next blog post to go a bit more in depth about my new in person viewing sessions and printing your images.

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