The Paper Unicorn Photography home studio tour, a light, airy, and organic experience.

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I love taking photographs, I could do it about 5 days a week, who am I kidding I basically do, even on some of my off days lol. I wanted to get some great snaps of my home studio space, as photographers we like to take a small break from photographing our own sessions, products, or spaces, it kind of feels like a load off of your shoulders asking a friend or colleague to help out. It's also a great way to connect with fellow creatives if you reach out to them and ask them if they would like to take on the task. My great friend Wynona Benson did just that (her link is at the bottom of this blog post.) I love Wynona's light airy and film perspective on photography. Wynona pretty much shoots film 90% of the time, it's like a lost art now a' days! One of my goals for 2016 is to learn more about film photography, I even took my first step and purchased a Nikon film camera and lens, squeal!! Thanks Wy for being such and inspiration, bonus awesome friend.

Before we moved here all I asked my husband was for a little space of my own, and he delivered. I owe and credit SO much of my continued success to him! I even have a little "I love me" wall as we call it in the USMC for some of my achievements and licenses. As you enter my little studio and walk up the short flight of stairs where it displays some wall pieces. Although be it little it is all mine, lock, stock, and barrel. As soon as you enter there sits my desk and little creative space along with my professional grade printer for professional print products. It turns the little corner and there is the sitting, viewing, and ordering space, across from it is another wide display of art work. Behind the sitting area in one corner is my antique hutch that holds all of my newborn blankets for newborn sessions in my studio. In the other corner sits my antique buffet that houses all of my newborn items and props. In the middle of the two are where I shoot my newborn sessions and my milestone sessions.

Wynona came over along with my friend Ryan, while Ryan and I chatted away downstairs Wynona got busy diving into my space. I'm so pleased with how the images came out! I did however go back and take some of my own images of my space after because I added some frames and changed prints around after her little sesh. I'm a full service boutique photographer which means I help to customize quality print products at the end of your session. We sit down together at your reveal session and ooh and ahh over your edited images and decide which exact product that I offer that will be great for you in your home! I even have a nifty program set up to where we can look at an actual image of a wall in your home and add different sizes and prints to it as we see fit, in real time! What?! Are you feeling mind blown right now? I'm certainly excited about it! I mean what better way to display your family portraits and my works of art other than in your living area for all to see! Hey let's share that glorious wonder! I mean after all you picked out those outfits, you took time out of your busy schedule for the session, you hired an amazing professional (ahem, pats self on back and gives you a big virtual hug for choosing me.) Now let's show the pictures off! Below are just a few samples of the more organic styled pieces that I offer in my product line. In fact if you order an 11x14 or smaller you can walk out the same day with prints! Wait.. what... are you crazy? Same day? Yes! And PS yes, I am just a tad crazy, ask my friends lol.

I hope that you consider me as your photographer to not only capture one of a kind portraits but to also hold your hand and walk you through an amazing experience from beginning to end in the displaying of your portraits in your home. What is a better testament of your love than a large art piece for all to see when they enter your home? Or to show your children as a constant reminder everyday that they are the pinnacle of what makes your house a home?

Enjoy this little tour compliments of Wynona Benson from and from yours truly (the images you see with my watermark are the ones I took, the others are Wynona's.) I hope to see you soon friends, until next time! XO Amy Jo
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