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The "O" family, Mrs O booked me for her maternity, birth, and newborn images as a bundle. These are actually my favorite to bundle because I get to connect with the family before and during maternity images, then be present for the birth of their new one coming into this world, and then I finally get to hold their sweet new baby at their newborn session. It's SO special to me as well because I feel like I literally witnessed so many parts of their little life, even before they were born. I mean how phenomenal is that? Only in this profession.

​Mrs. O had texted me the day before and let me know she thought she was in pre labor, the day of dad gave me a jingle and said he would keep me posted once she reached 5cm's.  I know it must have felt like quite a bit of time for the family but it seemed to roll by fairly swiftly. They were listening to calming music, face timed their mom/mother in law for a bit. Mrs O's mom stopped by with the O families sweet little girl, and the rest of the time was spent silently laboring. Mrs O wanted to make sure that her husband would be able to be present and truly experience this birth as he was not able to attend their daughters birth due to career duties at the time. He was a great birthing partner and pretty much had his hands on his wife the entire time as though trying to transfer his strength to her. In the end this beautiful baby boy was born. He had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck upon his arrival but seemed to give me the thumbs up after his entry :) Strong little one just like his mom and dad.

Thank you so much for allowing me to peek a glimpse into your birth story and life, thank you for letting me do his first set of portraits and capture a momentous time for you all. I hope to see you all again in the future. XO Amy Jo



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