Baby Ash turns 1, Fox themed smash the cake session.

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Hi friends!

So being in the military has it's pros and cons, and it's up's and down's. One of the down's being that at some point you know you will have to say "see you later" to so many of your good friends that you have grown close to. My friend Julie Gayler from Julie Gayler photography (find her link at the bottom of this blog post) had asked me if I was interested in shooting her little one for his 1 year milestone session. YES! Yes please! I LOVE photographing children, and even more so I love creating unique sets that match their one year birthday theme. Little A's was a fox theme, I took it and ran with it. I'm so glad Julie trusted me to let me have creative control because what I envision and try to convey before the set ever comes together can sound a little overwhelming. I can do simple or I can do elaborate, but I kind of love elaborate not going to lie. Generally I create a little custom board for my clients to get a visual of what I am putting together for them. So I try not to keep anyone in the blind!

​Julie did bring his favorite little dolls, his hat, and his jumper that was made by little A's great grandmother, and the kicker being that little A's dad wore the "bib's" when he was a petite bebe. Oh man I love little family heirlooms they make my heart go pitter patter. I feel so grateful that I can be a part of something so special and capture memories of such treasured items/loved ones and prints can be made and sent to family members, especially great grandma. Little A was hesitant at first and seemed to take it all in, you know when someone states a child is born with an old soul? That's little A, it seems as though so much thought and execution is going on behind those beautiful baby blues. Mom even got down at one point to show him that it was perfectly ok to touch and nibble on his little cake. The little "naked cake" was made by my friend Hannah of The Faithful Flour Bakery, you can see her link at the bottom of this blog post. Also my little teepee made by my great friend Amy of Gracie Mae Boutique, thanks Amy!

My friend Julie has since moved but I still stay in contact with her as I treasure our friendship. When you find someone that pushes you creatively, spiritually, and cultivates a true friendship you value it for all times. Thank you so much Julie for letting me snap these for you, I hope to see you again soon friend! Again thanks for dodging cows with me that day, allowing a rooster to photo bomb us, and wrangling those pom poms against the wind all while taping the teepee poles up last minute to face the wind. You are a trooper and thank goodness you laugh just as much as I do at Murphy's Law.

​Is your little one celebrating a birthday anytime soon? Contact me to book a one of a kind session and capture those memories to print out in a wonderful heirloom album. I hope to see you and those littles soon. XO Amy Jo

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