The "L" family and a vintage military inspired portrait session.

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This is the “L” family, they have been coming to see me for about 4 years’ish. They are most certainly one of my favorite families to date because they have handled more of my shenanigans and crazy mindedness than most people can stand! Thank you so much for your patience my friends and just “getting me” and my spirited personality. Squirrel!

My friend “K” had this session in her mind for quite some time and I knew that we both were headed in the same direction as far as our vision for it. Styled portrait sessions are my all time fave and I absolutely love it when my clients get involved in any way that they can. We talked about hair, accessories, outfits, shoes, everything, e-v-e-r-y step of the way. A lot of late night emails and pictures of outfits being scouted out by Miss “K” and I. I am so glad that we ended up at a cotton field even though it was the cold season! We rocked this session and I am giving myself a pat on the back for not only involving the parents as a couple, but we added the kids, AND a dog. Whew, we did it!

As we all know our beloved USMC moves us from time to time and I will be so sad the day this family has to move away, or my own family has to pack and move along. But we go where the nation needs us right? Here they are in their fabulous vintage styled military session. And now off to spend time with my hubby as I have spent about 6 hours editing this session today, but it was worth it. Enjoy.


Let's end it with a classic black and white shall we?

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