The "A" family and a crazy December

January 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I just want to take a moment here to express how fortunate I feel... I had a wonderful December, you know despite the double ear infections, pneumonia, the flu, and a tooth infection to boot plaguing me throughout the month, but alas I digress. Some days (this month) I did not know whether I was coming or going, or editing or scrambling to make a meal for my family amidst the beautiful chaos of it all. I am thanking all of my clients that reminded me what December (or every month really) is all about. I was looking over these images and trying to decide which ones to release for this blog post and I was almost feeling teary eyed between this gallery and a few more from the year. These images made me reflect on how wonderful it was to expect new life coming into our family, into the new year, into this universe. I also saw the band of a fallen warrior on Mr. A that he wore to his session and I am sure he wears more days than not, that alone made me realize I need to cherish the life that I am so fortunate to have and those that sacrifice in order for me to have the freedom that I do.

I saw many families this year, I was fortunate to watch families expect new additions, add new additions, watch their children grow before my camera and meet milestones, watch husbands deploy and watch them return. I saw couples commit themselves to one another for the beginning of their lifetime together and others celebrate 20 years of devoted love to one another. I photographed 4 generations of a family and looked at those grandchildren gazing at their grandparents with such love and inspiration it made my heart feel so full. How lucky I am in the sense that you all remind me to cherish the moments that much more with my family by letting me glimpse into little moments of yours. I am in hopes that 2015 will fill me creatively, spiritually, and push me that much more to focus on the core of what keeps me striving.. my family. Thank you again to all of you, from the bottom of my little photographer heart.

And now the "A" family and their new bundle to be <3




I hope that I get to see you again A family in order to meet your new bundle, congrats.



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