Mr. "C" and his tractor bday.

January 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here we have Mr. C, his mama is a good friend of mine. He was having a farm/tractor theme birthday and we wanted to incorporate that into his session. I mean of course, I LOVE a good themed session :) Our first attempt was a flop buy hey it happens from time to time, we waited until another day when he was well rested and rambunctious as all get out to schedule his make up session. He was ornery but I expected nothing less from him (I say this because I know him), boys and dirt or leaves, or chicken feathers, the list goes on but hey that is what makes a session with me fun! He pretty much knows what he can get away with when he is around me, he just flashes that toothy grin and my heart melts. Here is your little farmer session Mr. C, I hope that your birthday and your session were memorable. I know if I have said it once I have said it a million times, kids are my forte. I love photographing children :) See you again soon now ya' hear?!

Whew! What a work out for me and the chickens! Thank you all again for stopping by my little blog, share the love. Until next time, XO Amy Jo 



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