The Davis Family

November 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well happy Thanksgiving all! I hope that you are all close to falling into that deep slumber that comes so soon after eating all of your favorite goodies from your Thanksgiving meal. Today I am thankful for so much that my list would probably be just endless so I won't bore you with a list that seems never ending (and that's a good thing.) This little bloggity post is about my friends the Davis family, primarily Miss "K" she's one of my treasured friends here in NC and even though I don't see her or talk to her everyday I am thankful for her kindness and friendship! She needed some updated portraits of her family since her husband just got back from a lengthy deployment and I was more than happy to accommodate her.

I mean look at these two lovebirds :)

Then there is their adorable two kiddos Mr. "C" and little Miss "M" pretty stinking adorable if you ask me!


One of my favorite things to do at a session with children is just to let them have fun and do what it is that makes them happy, you want to toss some leaves around? Let's do this!

It's pretty evident there is a lot of love to go around here.

Little Miss "M" wanted to play with the little "tree" I cut down during our shoot lol.

Lastly here is what I love about the "Golden hour" and this time of the day... sunflare and haze, it's a beautiful thing. Thanks friend for letting me in on a bit of your family time :)


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