My name is Amy Jo and I am a country girl at heart that keeps moving from city to city due to our beloved USMC. I am originally from Kansas and currently my studio is located in Richlands, North Carolina, we are a military family and proud to be so. So how did we end up so far away from home Toto?

I am a Marine veteran, I attended OJC Police Academy in 05. I obtained my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 2010. I became a SAHM during the pregnancy of my second child and never looked back. I can be a bit hyper at times because I am very high spirited, so yes I get excited easily! I tend to have my hand in about a million craft projects at one time. I am a pet lover, and an antique addict, and love seqins. I hold my friends near and dear to my heart, I love flavored coffee more than I should, and my mind runs a million miles a minute! My brand is inspired by all things mystical and whimsy.

I believe I take more than a portrait, I pour myself into my creative sets so that it uniquely fits your style and character as well as my vision. I take time to get to know you on a personal level and what you would like to accomplish with your shoot. You share with me a very special part of you, and you entrust me with your children, and family for that I thank you. If you want to capture the wonderment of your moments forever in your hearts, and minds let's document them through one of a kind photos, portraits, trust me I'm your gal.

So let's jump right in and let's create another fun memory together and a photo that will last a lifetime and so much more. I look forward to hearing from you. 

I enjoy the innocence of a newborn baby, the curiosity of a toddler, and the giggles of children after all it makes this phenomenal world keep going around.
XO Amy Jo

Photo (headshot) copyright and courtesy of Ryan Shedrick Photography